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Millinocket Little Pro Basketball
Rules & Regulations


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2002-2003 Rules & Regulations

Millinocket Little Pro
1) Games will be played at 9 foot baskets. Games will consist of four 8 minute quarters. Halftime will be 3 minutes. Any overtimes will be 3 minutes in length. We will be using the women's size basketball. Each team will play each other twice before play-offs.
2) Teams will have 2 time-outs per half. In the event of an over-time, both teams will receive 1 additional time-out, plus any time-out left over from the 2nd half. (But there is no carry-over of time-outs from the 1st half to the 2nd half.)
3) Ideally every player should have the same amount of playing time. Coaches will split their kids into two playing groups. (1st team & 2nd team) The 1st team will play the first quarter. The 2nd team will play the second quarter. ( No player who plays on the 1st team is allowed to play on the 2nd team; unless due to an illness or shortage of kids.) Exceptions are made for legitimate reasons. In certain situation ( due to illness or discipline reasons) the other team is able to match up to equal out the playing field. The 3rd quarter will be split evenly among the 1st and 2nd team. The 1st team will play the first 4 minutes- the 2nd team will play the last 4 minutes. The first 2minutes of the 4th quarter will be played by the 2nd team, and the last 6minutes will be played by the 1st team.
4) Coaches will try to keep 3rd & 4th graders together on the 2nd team, and 5th & 6th graders on the 1st team together. But When deciding who is on the 1st and 2nd team, a coach must play his best five-six players on the 1st team. *** Ideally, all 3rd graders will play on the second string and all 6th graders will play on first string, no exceptions.! "Unless of Illness." (Remember this when you pick your players in the draft, that way you can even out your team.) Note: If there are any problems on who should be on first string, then at the half-way point of the season we will take a vote from all the head coaches to decide the issue on hand.(Majority rules, and if needed the President will make the deciding vote.)
5) If a player is not playing due to disciplinary reasons, it is up to the coach to inform the scorer and opposing coach. A player who is on the 1st team, who arrives late to a game, may not make up his time by playing in the 2nd quarter. He or she that does not make it in time to play at all in the 1st quarter will have to wait until the 3rd quarter.
6) A) ZONE DEFENSES are not allowed. All players must play man to man defense. Help side defense in the paint only!! Isolation plays are not allowed on offense. (In other words you can't station 4 players on one side of the court, and use your 5th player to drive the lane.)
 6) B) Full court man to man, & zone defenses will be allowed during the last two minutes of the 4th quarter. (**zone defenses will not be 3-4 players guarding one player . . . If used, it will be a designed set zone defense**) A team with the lead of 15 points or more will NOT be allowed to press.
7) A team gets one free trip up the court each offensive possession, when the Press rules are not in effect. Ex, "A team brings the ball into the front court and has it knocked away out of bounds, if the ball is played into the back-court on the inbounds pass, the defensive team may guard the ball."
8) On a dead ball in the back-court, the defensive team must get behind the half-court line. On a live ball situation, rebound, missed shot, etc., the ball may be guarded until a pass is completed. (The ball may be stolen before the pass is completed!) Once the outlet pass has been completed, then the defense must get back to allow the free trip up the court. The offensive team must be allowed to cross the half-court line before defensive pressure is applied. A pass made across half-court made be intercepted.
9) If a team is called for more than two team violations in a half, on the 3rd, and all subsequent violations that half; the opposing team will shoot 2 Technical foul shots and receive possession of the ball at the half-court. Team violations are (Illegal Defense, Guarding in the back-court, and Isolations, etc.)
10) Any technical fouls are assessed on a coach will result in 2 free throw shots & possession of the ball at half-court for the other team. Any coach given 2 technical fouls in one game, will be asked to leave the gym and will be suspended from the league one game. A second occurrence will result in removal of that coach.
11) Technical fouls assessed on a player will result in two free throw shots & possession at half-court for the other team. Player technical fouls also are considered personal fouls. A 2nd technical foul called on a player for behavior, will result in ejection from the game. (Technical fouls called for reaching over the sideline on an inbound play, etc., will not be reason for ejection).
12) Coaches are responsible for the actions of their players. PLEASE monitor them while they are in the School Building waiting for games or practices. ***Also keep in mind that NO ONE is allowed into the main hallway of the school....And that kids are to be hanging out in the kindergarten hallway.**
13) Players should try to come to the games with their uniform on. If they need to change the locker room are available. All player's cloths, boots, jackets, backpacks, etc will be kept in the locker rooms. ** There will be no changing and storing cloths in the kindergarten hallway!** If Players come early to a game, then he or she is to stay in the gym..***No hanging out, in the locker rooms without supervision!***
14) **Late entries will be accepted up until, and before the 1st regular season games start, but no later.
15) The DRAFT...If a parent is going to coach and has a child coming into the league, then the president must be told in advanced , before the child is secured to that team. Usually at the 1st meeting of the up-incoming season. If a parent is the coach, then the child will be picked automatic in the 3rd round of the draft. -If there is a child that try's out to play basketball that has an older brother or sister already on a team, then that child will be a automatic pick in the 4th round of the draft. -If there are 2 kids(2 brothers)(2 sisters) that try-out for basketball in the same year, as soon as one is picked, you must take the other in the next round.
16) Only the 5th and 6th graders are able to try-out and participate on the All-Star Teams.
17) If a child that is in 6th grade decides to play Middle School Basketball; he or she will also be entitled to participate with the All-Star Teams pending they make the team.
18) A) All coaches are required to have a Criminal Back- Ground check on them.
18) B) All coaches must be certified, either through the Recreation Programs, Little Pro Basketball Program, or proof of any other certification course of youth sports.
 **** If there are any questions or concerns about certain rules or regulation, please don't hesitate to call me.......John 723-8504 Note: During game nights, both teams that are scheduled for the first game are responsible for setting up the gym. This means the scorers table and accessories, setting up chairs and making sure the rims are at 9 feet. The two teams that are scheduled the late games are responsible for picking everything up. The chairs must be stacked neatly in the locker rooms, as well as all the basketballs. The control panel for the score-clock must be put in the cabinet. The floor must be swept and or mopped. The rims must be lowered all the way down. Make sure all lights are shut off and the door is locked tight, with the Allen wrench. The same statement must apply during the nights we use the gym for practice, this is very important for the coaches the have the first and last practices of the night. Mr Dupont has been very accommodating with our program and if we all pull together like a team, we can make sure his gym is nice and clean before the next day of school. Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

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