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Millinocket Little Pro Basketball


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Millinocket Little Pro Basketball would like to thank all the area businesses, non profit organizations and the parents of the children; for donating the monies needed to run this youth basketball program. With out your continued support this would not be possible.

We also want to thank the Millinocket School Department and Mr.Dupont for providing a safe environment for the children to play their games in.

Thank- You From,


Hotel Terrace



Millinocket House of Pizza

The American Legion

The Sons of The American Legion

Tanous & Snow

Millinocket Foundry


Pins & Cues

Sargents Construction Co.

The Scootic & Penobscot Room

Bouchards Funeral Home

Pellitiers Trucking

Reeds Insurance Co.

Millinocket Beeline Co.

Dr.Jenkins & Dr.Jackson

Coke Co.


Maine Connection

Eastern Fine Paper Co.

Donald Helstrom & Turnpike Ridge Outfitters

The Community Press

The children in our community would like to say Thanks, to all the Sponsors that make this possible for them.


If your Business or organization would like to sponsor a team or if you want to give a Donation to the Little Pro Basketball, please contact John St.Peter.